Yeray Seminario (pronounced “Jeri”) has had a special affinity for birds and travel since he was a child growing up in the Canary Islands. For this reason, he became a veterinarian and started working in wildlife rehabilitation.


He began working with GREFA, a non-profit organization that operates one of the largest wildlife hospitals in Europe. This experience increased his awareness of the conservation issues, and returned to university to earn a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. He based his thesis on the causes of the extinction of the Red Kite in the Canary Islands.

After some additional years of experience working in wildlife rescue centers, Yeray Seminario was invited to participate in an internship with the International Bird Rescue in California.  Here he learned new treatments and rehabilitation techniques for seabirds and waterbirds. On completing the internship, Yeray received a call to be part of an IFAW rescue team in Argentina. There, the team took care of more than 600 birds in an unfortunate oil-spill.

Later, after his many years spent in bird rescue and rehabilitation, Yeray’s focus turned to field work. Due to his experience breeding raptors in captivity, he got a position with The Peregrine Fund. This is an American non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. He spent four years as a field biologist on the Orange-breasted Falcon conservation project in Central America. These four years in Central America provided him an in-depth education on Neotropical birds and conservation issues in the region.

Wildlife Photography

As a photographer, Yeray has published several pictures in books and other publications. For instance: Owls of the World, Raptors of Venezuela and Condor Journal. To see more of his photography, you can visit his personal profile on Facebook.

Because of his passion on travel and birding, in 2011 Yeray co-founded a tour company in Panama focused on birding. Whitehawk – Birding and Conservation has a special emphasis on conservation and currently runs tours in several countries, including Belize, Cuba, Panama, India and Madagascar, to name just a few.

His home-base is now Tarifa, where the number and diversity of birds in the Strait of Gibraltar captivates him. In 2014 Yeray co-founded Birding The Strait with field ornithologist and photographer Javi Elorriaga.

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