Meet our team: These are our birding guides

Meet our team

These are our birding guides

  • Are you looking for birding guides to explore the best sites in Andalucia and Spain?
  • Or maybe you are looking for a local guide to go birding in Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar?
  • Do you want to sign up for a bird photography workshop to learn quick tips and get better pictures?

Our Birding The Strait Team can help you! They are based in Tarifa, Strait of Gibraltar, where they guide locally. Also, they travel extensively and go birding in Andalucia, all over Spain and Morocco.

Javi Elorriaga

Javi Elorriaga from Birding The Strait

Javi Elorriaga, original from the Basque Country, has been involved in the conservation of the Cinereous Vulture in Greece. He also worked with the Bearded Vulture in the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa National Park. Later, he participated in the monitoring of bird migration in the Strait of Gibraltar. Finally, he has been part of the Osprey reintroduction in northern Spain. He has contributed to over 30 scientific papers, book chapters and articles in birding journals. Javi has been a member of the Spanish Committee of Rare Birds.

Rafa Benjumea

Profile picture of Rafa Benjumea, Birding The Strait

Rafa Benjumea studied Biology at the University of Seville. After graduation he participated in numerous projects focused on birds and conservation. He became part of a great team of ornithologists and birders at the Migres Foundation in Tarifa. Moreover, he led an ambitious environmental education project called Educaves. Rafa is currently a member and coordinator of the Batumi Raptor Count, responsible of monitoring the raptor migration in Batumi, Georgia. He is an art enthusiast, developing drawings and sketches!

Yeray Seminario

Yeray Seminario from Birding The Strait

Yeray Seminario became a veterinarian and started working in wildlife rehabilitation. He got a Master’s in Conservation Biology, basing his thesis on the Red Kite in the Canary Islands. After that, he did an internship with the International Bird Rescue in California and was part of an oil-spill rescue team with IFAW in Argentina. He worked with The Peregrine Fund on the Orange-breasted Falcon and Harpy Eagle conservation projects in Central America. Yeray has led birding tours in countries like Belize, Cuba, India and Madagascar.

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