Bird Photography Courses

Do you want to improve your bird photography skills? Contact us to book our one-to-one photography workshop. See below for more details!

Wildlife photography, with a special dedication to birds in flight, is one of our greatest passions. Our approach to wildlife photography, rather than working long-hours in photography hides, relays on seizing to the maximum photography opportunities that every birding trip in the strait of Gibraltar provides. We strive to capture the beauty of nature and unique moments with our cameras. This requires (1) mastering the technique, (2) deep knowledge on the behaviour of target species, (3) the development of an aesthetic sense and (4) establishing an optimal post-processing workflow. We offer specialized one-to-one bird photography workshops combining these four pillars. Our courses are specially designed for wildlife enthusiast owning the basic equipment that are getting initiated in the fascinating world of wildlife photography and willing to improve their results.

We are aware that, at first, understanding the adequate settings of a DSRL camera, or familiarizing with the apparently endless possibilities that RAW processing software offers might be a thorny task. However, we draw from the premise that, with adequate tuition, the learning curve of wildlife photography can be significantly accelerated. This promptly and simply results in better pictures in our computers and greater satisfaction in the field!

A typical day of our wildlife photography courses generally involves: (1) a practical session in the field including specific training exercises, (2) computer work to review and discuss the results and (3) exercises of RAW post-processing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. We will use sample Raw files from our archive and process them following a basic and highly effective 6 steps workflow.

The logistics and costs of our one to one courses are the same as in our birding day and half day trips. Here again, we are flexible to fully adequate our services to your requirements and preferences.

Take a look to this entry in Birding The Strait Blog for an introduction to our approach to bird photography and do no not miss our photo galleries.