Bird Migration Videos in the Strait of Gibraltar – Part III


Black Kites on migration in the Strait of Gibraltar. Photo by Javi Elorriaga / Birding The Strait

We have released a new Bird Migration Video in our Youtube channel. We filmed it exactly one year ago. On this third episode we present the onset of the White Stork migration. We also talk about other migrants in the Strait of Gibraltar this time of the year, like black kites and swifts.

Bird migration for all

The large concentration of White Storks and Black Kites in the Tarifa area offers a magnificent expectable. This show does not only draw the attention of keen birders, but regular tourists visiting Cadiz in summer are also stunned by it. Indeed, July and August is an excellent period for family birding in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The big show of the smaller

The migration of smaller birds is equally astonishing for the trained eye. It is currently known that the Strait of Gibraltar funnels the migration of European birds to Africa in a much bigger proportion than traditionally assumed. For instance, thousands of Common and Pallid Swifts can be seen heading south in a few hours. In addition, continuous flocks of migrant European bee-eaters can be heard by night as well.

The big days of “autumn” migration have only started. One more year, Birding The Strait will be offering birding wildlife excursions during this exciting time.

Check our youtube channel for more videos and stay tuned!