As part of our responsible business policy, we integrate several projects in our daily work. Sharing a Wildlife Conservation background, it feels natural to us to become involved in some local and international conservation initiatives. The main projects and associations we collaborate with are: eBird España, Friends of La Janda and 14KM.

  1. We are eBird reviewers for the province of Cadiz. Together with the rest of the Spanish team, we work to improve this platform in Spain.
  2. We belong to the association Friends of La Janda (Amigos de la Laguna de La Janda). Its mission is to restore the ancient lagoon of La Janda, which was drained for farming purposes in the early 1960s.
  3. Also, we belong to the local association 14KM, whose mission is to raise the awareness on the Nature resources of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Below you can find more information about these initiatives. If you want to know more about our conservation efforts and want to participate, contact us.

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